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HAUPPAUGE, NY (November 5th, 2018–updated)SMSB Consulting Group, Inc. has a new role within the Walmart ecosystem as a Connected Content Partner [CCP]. Walmart’s history of making goods affordable to its consumers by persistently streamlining its processes and demanding the same of participants within its logistics and omnichannel operations has brought the company to becoming an entity that provides Walmart vendors with destinations for quality digital product content. As Frank Ogura, Staff Product Manager at Walmart Labs, has noted, it should be clear by now “how important product content is in today’s digital commerce world…[as] customers are no longer shopping via a singular source.”

SMSB Consulting Group, from its inception, has understood the importance of the shopper experience as being integral to the interactive nature of commerce—from manufacturer supplier to retailer to consumer. SMSB Consulting has used its decades of experience to innovate, become experts, and provide insight in its product content, planogram development, category analytics, and software integration services. After its rigorous vetting process, Walmart entrusted specific categories to its CCPs. A “champion of choice”, however, it realizes that partners will have expertise beyond their assignments. As a Walmart Connected Content Partner, SMSB Consulting brings its specialized digital product content expertise to Sporting Goods and Office Products, while remaining a reputable source across many other product categories.

“We know and get that the narrative components of any product, especially in today’s world of digital commerce, are its imagery and its data,” SMSB Consulting CEO Al Lozito explains. “Engaging images and comprehensively accurate product data attributes bring a digital tactility online and on the mobile that inform and influence the customer experience. When they pick up that product or have it delivered, it needs to live up to an exacting standard—the shopper’s mind’s eye.”

SMSB Consulting continues to evolve as a solution provider in product image and information capture, refinement, and management. As a DPC supplier, SMSB Consulting creates quality digital assets for static imagery and 360° interactivity that depict a consistent component across the omnichannel for multiple source consumption. Jason DeRienzo, President at SMSB Consulting adds, “Our process is easy. We have streamlined DPC creation over the years in a way that brings value and measurable benefits to our clients.” SMSB Consulting is proud to be a Walmart Connected Content Partner—a distinction added to its continuing evolution.

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SMSB Consulting Group, Inc. delivers captivating images and the extensive data of Digital Product Content with correlative services in Digital Asset Management and Product Information Management [DAM+PIM], Planogram Development Solutions, and Category + Commerce Analytics to enhance the shopper experience and increase sales. We are a digital content and product data solutions source for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of selling and merchandising products over eCommerce, mCommerce, and in-store channels.

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