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Our Services are relatable, scalable, and relevant to today’s traditional and disruptive retailers of online and in-store vending sites for their diverse range of products. Over three decades of services to CPG retailers across the OmniChannel have generated an innovative, expert, and insightful approach to creating stunning and comprehensive Digital Product Content and developing an intuitive and easy-to-use software platform for managing those Digital Assets and their Product Information.

Products have a dual life. They live inside the infinite space of online and within the brick-and-mortar of physical stores – both highly-interactive destinations for discerning consumers. Our Planogram Development Solutions are tailored specifically for the latter and are appropriately customizable. Category + Commerce Analytics provides another layer of complexity and holistic approach to the product’s life utilizing tools re-envisioned for the dynamic landscape of in-store, online, and mobile commerce.

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Digital Product Content
Engaging digital images to inform consumers’ decision-making. Enriched, complete and accurate product data content.
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Planogram Development Solutions
Localized assortment and store-specific planogram. Cost-reducing planogram creation, development, implementation and validation.
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Category + Commerce Analytics
Analysis and conversion of shopper data into consumer insight. Holistic approaches and strategies for improving the shopper experience.
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