How Product Image Capture Works

How Product Image Capture Works


We receive your items for product image capture. You select capture setup levels that work for your items’ brand story and merchandising goals. Our experienced photographers use their collective skills to set the shot. The outcome is a premium, high-quality digital asset for use at all OmniChannel touchpoints.

Digital Product Content [DPC] is the result of moving your very real product from capture setup through principal photography, edit, delivery, and update. The DPC becomes a stunning product image with comprehensive metadata (that is, product attributes.) The final stage of this approach provides an opportunity to deepen the relationship with your digital asset.

Take advantage with our eCommerce DAM+PIM solution, OmniPIX™, for on-going maintenance. Eventually, your DPC lives as a digital asset online at your eCommerce store and mCommerce site. Or, it resides within your planograms, brand app, marketing vehicles, presentations, press releases, and in-store signage.

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Ready for DPC Capture

Capture Setup

Select the levels of product image and metadata capture that work for your items’ eCommerce listing needs, merchandising goals, and brand story


Capturing your eCommerce product image is informed by client decision-making + client-SMSB discussion to fulfill any level of complexity in the setup


Highly-skilled specialists refine the captured RAW image and organize its metadata along with utilizing an advanced technique for product dimensioning to create your enhanced digital asset


The output of client-specified file formats of your DPC allowing you the freedom to utilize and implement your digital asset anywhere within borderless retail

DPC Management

Keep pace with evolving eCommerce, mCommerce, merchandising, and marketing needs as well as demand for an informed shopper experience.

Here, for advanced management of your digital asset and its metadata, SMSB Consulting Group offers OmniPIX™, a customizable Product Content Management [PCM] solution.