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Product Content Management

Product Content Management

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We are here for you…the best openly-kept secret in e-commerce digital product content capture, production, and management of product images, their metadata, their features, and their stories for OmniChannel use across all touchpoints

Essentia  Ionized Water (SMSB Consulting DPC)


Goya Fajita Mix (SMSB Consulting DPC)

Planogram Product Image

Garnier/Aussie/Herbal Essences (SMSB Consulting DPC)

eCommerce Product Photography

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Digital Product Content

High-quality digital image capture with relevant product metadata and attributes

Consistently attractive and accurate content to build brand trust

Product Content Mgmt: OmniPIX™

Digital asset and product information management system developed in-house

Manage product content for millions of SKUs in the consumables industry

Planogram Development Solutions

Cost-reducing planogram implementation + validation at the shelf

Space planning for national / localized assortment + store-specific planograms

Category + Commerce Analytics

Shape your brand story across the OmniChannel – in-store, online + mobile

Dashboards + actionable analysis: Syndicated Data, Store Cluster, Promotions, etc.