Category Management: Moving at the Speed of Customer

Category + Commerce Analytics:

Moving at the Speed of Customer

Familiar Terminology with a New Outlook

Today’s category management attempts to make sense of data across e-commerce, m-commerce, and in-store interactions between retailers and discerning consumers. Intuitive, data-related consumer insight bridges the tightrope walk from past to present to future. Enriched, high-quality digital assets engage consumers. In-depth, expansive reports create insightful views of the data which shoppers have provided them.

Loyalty programmes, point-of-sale terminals, and a number of OmniChannel touchpoints have given retailers exhaustive data that can be used to personalize the shopper’s experience. SMSB Consulting Group provides responsible product data analytical tools including decades of expertise on consumer insight as well as informative, data-driven dashboards. Category management and leadership, including commerce analytics, continue to be informed by the decisions and actions of the consumer, albeit in a digital world with a new outlook.

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