Planogram Development Solutions

Planogram Development Solutions

SMSB Consulting Group.

informed planogram optimization

We understand well the principles of product adjacencies and how they translate into product hierarchies that inform and support planogram optimization techniques. They, in turn, create cost-reduction and effective planogram implementation and validation. Shoppers benefit from localized assortment and store-specific planograms while you stay relevant to consumer needs across all touchpoints of consumption.

SMSB Consulting Group methodology facilitates the creation of non-biased planograms rooted in the art and science of space planning. SMSB Consulting Group creates and utilizes cost-saving strategies to limit over/under inventory and the time spent re-stocking or re-merchandising the floor.

We align planogram theory and practice to capitalize within the Long Tail phenomenon whether online, in-store, or mobile. Effectual planograms create cohesion between shopper demand and consumer insight. We offer assistance with shelfStrips® innovation, integration, and management.

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