Category + Commerce Analytics

Category + Commerce Analytics

SMSB Consulting Group.

your brand story based on reliable data

We analyze data points to gain insight on shopper behavior. In our approach to category + commerce analytics, we focus on improving the shopper experience by moving at the speed of customer.

Knowing what matters for stakeholders on both sides of the shopper aisle (i.e., data science and translation) is important. We utilize a practicable outlook on producing increased revenue for brick-and-mortar, online, and mobile sellers. For our clients, we develop an informed prescription for:

1. Stocking shelves with the right brands for the local customer;
2. Directing online traffic; and,
3. Providing loyalty benefits to shoppers.

The evolution of the retail market inspires and encourages us to navigate a fluid connection between Category Managment [CATMAN 2.0] and the category leadership required for effective e-commerce merchandising. Today’s consumers demand a developed, consistent brand narrative across multiple OmniChannel touchpoints.

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