Digital Product Content

Digital Product Content

We deliver rich, appealing Digital Product Content [DPC]. By capturing and editing multiple, out-of-the-box, and other dynamic views, we produce beautiful hero shots and mobile-ready content. Also, we provide 360° photography, 3D modeling, and animation output for any range of simple to more complex projects.

Our DPC services comprise comprehensive, consistent, and accurate product images and data points. Such vital content facilitates many objectives for our retail clients. Beautiful and informative product content helps in merchandising over eCom and mCom touchpoints; and, with in-store loyalty programmes, marketing strategies, shopper behaviour analysis plus store setup.

Our process for extensive metadata makes updating and managing product content attributes almost effortless. Among others, services include NFP scraped and output to label, warning information, features, description, and romance copy. These items build your brand story and fill-out product content information for:

1. Using with great fluidity across adaptive marketing strategies;
2. Interactive and consistent social media implementation; and,
3. Easy website integration as well as in mobile and gaming apps, presentations, and in-store signage and kiosk displays.

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