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OmniPIX™ is an intuitive, cloud-based Digital Asset and Product Information Management system. This software is GS1-compliant; and, is a simple, affordable solution for maintaining and updating product content catalogs. This insight-driven application generates and manages an efficient and productive workflow process.

A complex — yet, uncomplicated — DAM and PIM, it delivers secure storage, access, and management of digital assets and the descriptive data (metadata) associated with them. This highly-responsive software platform adapts to changing and emerging retail demands for enriched digital assets and complete product information.

OmniPIX™ can be used with existing applications. The program updates and adds assets to catalogs and libraries of Digital Product Content very easily. Users can carefully manage millions of product data points over thousands and thousands of SKUs.

This single system provides and manages a seamless integration of digital assets and their product information across all OmniChannel touchpoints. OmniPIX™ can be used on any static or mobile device with an internet connection.