A VISION AT EVERY ANGLE of the product gives shoppers one of the next best things to standing with a product physically in-hand. This perspective builds trust, because the consumer can anticipate more accurately what will arrive at the doorstep; or, what will be in-store.

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Under Armour Cleat (SMSB Consulting DPC)

Well-placed hot-spots engage your consumers and can deliver important product data attributes or label specific elements

Under Armour (360)

Spalding NBA Basketball (SMSB Consulting DPC)


Spalding NBA (360)

Cascade Helmet (SMSB Consulting DPC)

Thumbnails add a different level in highlighting features of your digital content for consumer interaction

Cascade (360)

True Lacrosse Stick (SMSB Consulting DPC)

Out-of-box Views

True (360)

Present products with minimalist DPC or captivate consumers with multiple views when demonstrating that details matter

Nikon (360)

Cartier Box Watch (SMSB Consulting DPC)

A magnifier brings details further into focus

Cartier (360)

Yardley Perfume (SMSB Consulting DPC)

Form matters as much as what’s inside

Yardley (360)

Tory Burch Shoe (SMSB Consulting DPC)

Any angle, any incline….

Tory Burch (360)

Blue Handbag Matte (SMSB Consulting DPC)

Matte Surfaces

Blue Handbag (360)

Coach Handbag Metallic (SMSB Consulting DPC)

Metallic Surfaces

Coach (360)

Maui Jim Sunglasses (SMSB Consulting DPC)


Maui Jim (360)

Char-Broil Thermometer (SMSB Consulting DPC)

Reflective and Non-reflective

Char-Broil (360)

Digital Product Content

High-quality digital image capture with relevant product metadata and attributes

Consistently attractive and accurate content to build brand trust

Product Content Mgmt: OmniPIX™

Digital asset and product information management system developed in-house

Manage product content for millions of SKUs in the consumables industry

Planogram Development Solutions

Cost-reducing planogram implementation + validation at the shelf

Space planning for national / localized assortment + store-specific planograms

Category + Commerce Analytics

Shape your brand story across the OmniChannel – in-store, online + mobile

Dashboards + actionable analysis: Syndicated Data, Store Cluster, Promotions, etc.

A Connected Content Partner improving the efficiency and effectiveness of selling and merchandising products over eCommerce, in-store, and mCommerce channels

A GS1 US Solution Partner. Discover our insight-driven software providing secure storage, access, and management of any growing eCommerce digital product content catalog