What We Do

What We Do

Capture, manage, and distribute Digital Product Content

Develop cost-saving Planogram Solutions

Render shopper insights and analytics within Category Management

Deliver a software platform to handle your Digital Asset Management

SMSB performs extensive analyses to provide retailers, manufacturers, eCommerce and mCommerce vendors with practicable solutions to implement merchandising and marketing strategies which connect with the shopper in-store, online, or on the mobile to enlighten his/her path to purchase—ultimately, increasing revenue

SMSB cultivates and produces functional planograms—eliminating out-of-stocks, providing validation systems for planogram compliance, and reducing costs for re-stocking and implementing new line-ups for marketing concepts on the floor

SMSB offers OmniPIX™—a GS1-compliant and an easily-workable, yet complex digital asset management system to assist in managing exhaustive and ever-expanding product catalogues & libraries

SMSB works in data integration and innovation with shelfStrips® for saving costs in labor/operation (i.e. reducing shelf-time setup); managing price changes & weekly updates; and, housing planograms, store map, promotional information & loyalty programs