About us

With over three decades of experience and expertise in the consumables market, SMSB delivers to OmniChannel stakeholders captivating digital images
and comprehensive product data to bring a very enriching customer experience whether in the store, online, or on a mobile device.

SMSB—Space Management Service Bureau, founded in 1986—designed its initial and on-going purpose to assist manufacturers and retailers
in creating profitable growth at the shelf in the then emerging field of planogram development and analysis. This mission was soon expanded
by the launch of its Product Image Division—a source for premium-quality product images and data attributes—which has amassed
an extensive product library of consumables.

Always, at the fore in innovation and technology, SMSB continues to develop in anticipation of new technologies and industry phenomena—
over the years, becoming a full-service destination for: capturing and managing Digital Product Content; developing Planogram Solutions;
creating consumer insight within Category Management; and, forwarding software development—namely, the creation and development
of OmniPIX™, a Digital Asset Management tool.